Saturday, June 19, 2010

Exhausting day but why?

All in all,shouldn't have been a bad day, but I'm exhausted. I slept so good last night, woke up in usual pain, so I took my pain med. Went back to sleep after a half hour. Got up,took a nice bath (hey,2 wks out, it's ok now!) and was happy to see all the steri strips are off and the 6 surg areas look beautiful.
I got dressed, grabbed all my meds together, 2 ounces of yogurt,powerade zero and headed off to go watch Tom at Karate.
For one thing, today is Tom's 15th birthday. I want to spend as much time with him as I can.
I got there and he was already working with another Sensei. I took my meds like I'm supposed to. Sparring wasn't done today so we came on home early. Jay ,Tom and I headed off to pick up items at the store. I ate my yogurt, then after drink my gatorade. I walked in Walmart good.
We picked up his 2 friends, brought them home and I started fixing lunch by chopping onions for the hotdogs and getting the beans ready. Next thing you know I remember needing to go lay down. 4 hrs later, I wake up in bed.
Jay said I came out and told him I needed to lay down. He told me to go up right then. (he was starting the charcoal) He said he checked on me every half hour. I was in bed, in my night gown, no glasses on. So I must have known want I was doing but just have no memory of it.
Once up, I am still tired, but spent the rest of the day keeping Tom and his friends busy and happy. They were getting bored so I suggested getting the Mad Magazine game out. (From the 70's) Perfect!! Tom said later 'Thank you,Mom, it was great!'
I made them pink and regular Crystal lite lemonade and they sat at the kitchen table and had a good time.
Later we took them home, and went to Meijer. I got my sandals, (and walking in them I guess I don't like them as much) and after coming back went over to Kim's to look at her Flamingo's again. (Just another ha ha at her house lol)
That took me down to here. I'm tired again. I only got 4,305 steps in. .64 mile.
What the heck? All I know is, this puppy's needs some more sleep.
Sweet dreams to you all!

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