Tuesday, June 15, 2010

June 15th,2010

Oh man.. First day alone. Hubby at work, kids at summer school. Trying to get neuro to change my Keppra (epilepsy med) from oral pill to oral susp. Kinda a duh for the doc. The pill says 'do not crush, bitter. Take whole'. Ummm.. I have to crush it. It's bigger than an ASA and I had RNY. My fave pharm and I kinda had to laugh at it. Docs sometimes only see it from the 'medical part'. You know, 'gotta fix it'. Don't let her have a siezure no matter what. Hey, i appreciate that, but in this case, next time let the nurse write the order and then you sign it. Been there, done that! LOL
Can someone please pass the toilet paper? Yes, I know gross. But all the fluids that go on, want to come out and it's not always through the bladder. In this case, I'm glad all my plumbing's working!
Housework. Let's face it. I have to admit, nobody cleans the way I want it done. Ok, Lynda,Mom,Bob, I said it!! ROFL! I really don't care about others houses, I just want mine they way I want it. Not perfect,just remove enough dust so I can be happy, ok?
But it's not ok. And I'm having to learn to live with that, and it's killing me!!! LOL
I'm more short of breath than ever. Just not the same as before surgery. I know I'll be better, but for now, whooooo... this isn't easy. Walking outside, forget it.. humidity whooped my butt.
But I got to keep going.
I vacuumed today and cleaned my counters and did some dishes. Bending over is not good though. Hurts my tummy and sends me spinning.
I have a call into the dieticitain. (Forgive my spelling. Use webster if you really care.. I don't lol) Haven't heard back yet. I called them this morning at 10 am.
I'm going to try to make the family a a chicken and veggie stir fry. One of my favorites!
Me? I'll eat yogurt and peaches. Yummy,too,though!
Working my way to a healthy weight!

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